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I don’t want to belittle other companies with their designers, pressmen and production personnel, as I assume that they are doing the best that they can. The problem is that you are paying for that! and putting it bluntly, you cannot afford that. What you need is a staff who has incredible insight. A staff that can execute your ideas, even enhance them. Most importantly, a company that makes no excuses. We see end-to-end, with no one to blame. We ask tough questions and make sure that we are in sync with your budget…and if not, we can adjust your strategy to achieve the same goal for less. In short, we are your print department.

Design & Branding

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  • Extensive Experience

  • Out of the Box Approach

  • extremely accurate

  • feasible presentations

  • end-to-end insights

  • quality in design standards

We have an interesting theory here at Kreate Ink; That is, the prints that most purchasers obsess over are worthless…It’s the image that they are paying for, that being said, quality materials are not to be dismissed. A clever message relayed to the audience is more valuable than the level of materials, the type of printing, or the overall display criteria. For example, many times I received calls for quotes on wrapping a fleet of vehicles of doing a billboard campaign, quoted prices, reassured the integrity of materials used, etc. only to receive files that were worthy of the recycle bin. Where low resolution, hasty slogans and half-witted layouts were a “featured” in the artwork. I had to be honest and explain why the expense was destined for failure. That did not go well with a few individuals, but I work for the savvy, and those persons thanked us for rescuing them from inheriting someone’s bad ideas. Design prowess matters.

Industrial Print Services

Fleet Marking
OEM Installation Services
Government & Municipal

  • Digital Marketing

  • Creative Design

  • Analytics & Marketing

  • Digital Branding

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Infographics Content

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