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Whether it’s time to brand your fleet or flaunt your style, Let Kreate Ink show you their Wrap DNA. Kreate Ink’s founders have been in the Printing and Wrap business for over 24 years and put it all on the table when it comes to your project. Our meticulous detail and extensive knowledge of the wrap process is unparalleled. The best wraps in Simi Valley, Ca Ventura County Los Angeles. Kreate Ink’s capabilities for out performs our competition. Color management experts, extensive specialty printing equipment, design and creative experts, and Masters of Installation is in our DNA, Our Wrap DNA.
Color Change is the hottest trend for those who are all about distinction. Kreate Ink is a trendsetter and continues to raise the bar with our White Glove Service Level and Design Prowess. From Ghosting, to Color Texture, Shade-shifting effects, Rust Wraps and more. We got you! We not only feature the best materials for car wraps, vehicle wraps from 3M, Avery, KPMF, and Hexis, we are skilled enough to navigate alternative brands to give you the next level look. All with the Wrap DNA Warranty and Support.
Get out of the old and come into the new, Kreate Ink Lets you be you

Recent Works

We Offer Full Color Wraps, Color Change and Graphic Decal Kits

Color Change

2021 Chevy 2500HD Utility
Truck Color Change Wrap
...with an attitude

For this client, typical was not goint go work, so we meet with him and suggested a color change wrap in Avery...

Color Change

2019 Cadillac CT6
Not So Stock
Color Change

This Client’s Caddy got a facelift in Glossy metallic red now its shimmering in the limelight. Go figure, this thing has everything...

Full Color Wraps Raceskinz® Graphic Mod Kits

Raceskinz® RS50 Jargon
Ford Mustang Graphic
Mod kit

Narwhal pop-up intelligentsia tbh pinterest, microdosing tilde cloud bread gochujang tattooed leggings cornhole 8-bit. Austin fam chia cold-pressed raw denim. Glossier drinking

Color Change

Cadillac Escalade in Satin
White Chameleon Shade
Shifting Color Change Wrap

This 2019 Cadillac Escalade is so special, we dubbed it “SSE” for So Sexy Edition! This is truely an Escalade on and...

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I’ve been doing this for over 27 years…..I forgot more than most guys will ever know. No seriously, I got you. My master creative skills, accurate template making and expert pre-press execution makes the difference. I am a color expert and understand all aspects of the game. Also, A master Installer, In short, my skillz are swagged out!

Tirrell Lazada-Smith, Co-Founder

Deep in the game! I have been innovating in the industry for over 24 years. Civil engineering and design is my background…but leveling up your ride is my Wheelhouse. Transformational ideas and professional insight is what I bring to the table…and the table is Spread! Watch out, here we come!

Mike Smith, Co-Founder

Wraps are my fuel, I’m running a marathon! I am a wrap enthusiast, and OCD for quality. I keep it tight on quality and got this game tight. I am the wrap mule that get’s the job done. When my team an I assemble..we’re like a transformer.

Adrain Quintenilla, Lead installer

Gamechanger…I put the frost on the situation, so chill, I got this. My full production capabilities put your ideas to life. No me, then no you…its just that simple. I love the print game, it changes everyday and new creative products keep me going.

Tyler Frost, Production

Its hard out here for a printer, I got these workin’ the beat. That makes me a P**p. Latex, EcoSolv, UV and LED I got what you need playa’. An ink for all seasons…no really I lasts a long time. Our equipment choices are specific to the provide numerous choices for print product solutions. Leaving you job in our hands makes you better!

Justin Esquibel, Print Operator

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